Learn more about the writer (extended preface)

You know, when I started this blog I was going to call myself Annabelle rather than my real name, Ashley. I was going to hide this from my friends and family and not give away any details about myself in case I’m “discovered”. I was scared to show the people around me who I really am and what I think. But, you know – that’s bullshit. Some topics I want to shed light on are self-love, confidence and accepting yourself. I can’t be “spreading” this if I’m actually hiding behind a screen. So, to all my friends and family reading this – this is me and I’m proud as hell for doing this.

To start off, I am 25 years old, my family is from Peru (arriba Peru carajo!!), I have four siblings, I was born and raised in sunny San Diego and I’m currently living in Monterey, CA. I received my bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University where I studied English and Comparative Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing.

I don’t write much. I don’t do as much as I’d like to do. I keep everything inside my head. Everyday I’m pushing myself to do better. To be better. That’s hard, don’t you think? We are constantly telling ourselves to be a better version of ourselves, but today, I just want to be myself. I don’t want to focus on the bad. I want to focus on the good because there’s so damn much of it even if we don’t think there is.

I’ve always been so quiet about what I think and feel regarding society. I’m always falling into the traps of social media, pop culture, keeping up a “good image”, etc. But, I have a voice and it’s time I start using it. I have so many things I want to say and so many opinions I want to share. I want to shed light on things that maybe don’t seem important, but they are. Everything is so important. Our lives are so important. People can be so negative and mean, but I hope this blog is a safe a space to be open, honest, pure, accepting and just fucking nice to each other.

I’m tired of hiding, not writing and not speaking. My name is Ashley Lopez and I have a voice that is ready to be heard.

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