How to: at home Brazilian wax (my experience)

Hi everyone, so I am going to share my experience of giving myself a Brazilian wax! I have been getting a Brazilian wax professionally done since I was about 18 years old (seven years now). Though, I have been waxing my own armpits and tummy on my own for years. I always thought I would never be brave enough to wax myself down there. The idea always scared the crap out of me. BUT we are in quarantine and the salons are closed… what better time to attempt this? I was ready. I did my research, bought the products I needed (I used a different wax for this), and I went in full force.

To prepare for my wax, I watched the following YouTube video: – this video isn’t a DIY Brazilian wax tutorial, rather an esthetician showing us how she waxes her clients. BUT it did help me with the chronological steps and in what directions I should pull in. I drew the same vagina she did to help guide me and remind me of the steps during the process. This video covers everything, but the booty. I definitely struggled with that!

My drawing with the steps:

A close up of text on a whiteboard

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My experience was a SUCCESS – no irritation and I’m hair free! A lot of professionals have told me in the past to leave it up to them but getting waxed is expensive and with the amount of time I’ve been getting them done – I felt prepared for the unknown. If you have never gotten waxed, please get a few done professionally before you try it on your own.

My wax took me total of two hours, but realistically I could have done it in one hour. I was video chatting my friends throughout the process so that definitely slowed me down. I needed them to boost my morale and the additional support LOL. If I wasn’t video chatting them, I think it still would have taken me an hour because I lagged to pull many of the strips due to feeling scared. Hey, it was my first time. Give me a break!

The main reason I thought I would never wax myself was because I always thought why would I cause myself that pain? Honestly, getting waxed isn’t even bad once you start going consistently, but the idea of doing it on myself was absolutely tormenting. What finally pushed me to do this (besides quarantine) was seeing how much money I was not spending because of the shelter in place. I have been listing what bills I can get rid of when this is all over. My wax was definitely one of them. This isn’t is a necessity as you know, but I have spoiled myself with this because I’ve always liked the end result.

I pretty much followed the steps of the drawing above. I may have strayed off every now and then with what felt comfortable to me. My closet doors are mirrors, so that was super helpful. If you see my station below, I used a sheet to sit on and the chair was there to hold my leg up when I had to stand up to get some angles. At some point (as I got lower and closer to the booty), I needed to lean back, so I placed the chair behind me to lean on. My boyfriend was on the other side of the chair to prevent the chair from sliding.  

My station (post wax – forgot to get a pre wax photo):

I was mostly seated throughout the process. I only stood up to the do the bikini line, the top (#1 and #2 in the drawing above), and the booty. The wax wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. The only part that really hurt was of course the hood – this is where I took the longest because I had to build up the courage to pull each strip. Everything else felt okay (pain wise).

Now, the trickiest parts of my wax were the hood and the booty. The hood was tricky not only because of the pain, but actually pulling the wax strips off. Since I used hard wax for my wax, it was difficult to get a hold of strip towards the bottom of the inner hood since there was just a cluster of hair. I ended up pulling down when I was supposed to pull up (you pull in the opposite direction of hair growth). Because of this, I had to go over the area many times. Eventually, I got it all off.

The booty was hard because of the angle obviously. I had my booty facing the mirror and one leg on the chair. I had to bend down and look between my legs at the mirror to see what the hell I was doing. At this point, my boyfriend had to assist me if you know what I mean. The booty was the final step in the process. Finally, when I was all finished, I rubbed coconut oil all over to get rid of any remaining wax. But, in the end, it got it done and I’m stoked!

I’m still in shock I was able to execute this on myself. I can’t believe I finally built up the nerve to do this. I will definitely continue doing this even after quarantine. I am going to save so much money. I know that with time I will get better, faster, and use less wax. I am happy with my new found bravery (lol) and I will share my experience once I become a pro.

The aftermath:

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Things to consider for your first DIY Brazilian wax:

  • Practice the motions of applying the wax with the applicator of your choice before you have the wax on it
  • Make sure to use hard wax for Brazilians because hard wax only grasps the hair and not your skin
  • If you have someone to help you that you feel comfortable with, make sure to utilize them (mostly for the booty)
  • I would definitely use a full-body mirror, nothing smaller
  • Make sure to wear gloves and apply pressure after each pull
    • My nervousness made my hands feel super sweaty in my gloves BTW
  • Do research before your first time
  • Test the temperature of the wax on your arm before you apply it down there
  • Shower or clean the area pre-wax to prevent infection
  • If you’re used to getting waxed, just pull the strip – it’s not that bad
  • Consider using baby powder to soak up any moisture  
    • I didn’t have any, I know to buy some for next time… I used flour for my booty, don’t judge me – it’s called improvising 😉  

Thanks for reading. See below for the products of my choice J

The products I used:

Purchased on Amazon: Cirepil The Original Blue Wax Beads by Perron Rigot Refill Bag, 400g/14.11 oz. – $25.66 (tax included)

A picture containing parking

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Purchased on Amazon: Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Wax Warmer Machine for Hair Removal – $20.20 (tax included)

A picture containing kitchenware, sitting, indoor, pink

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Purchased at Target: Coconut Oil Unrefined – 14oz – Simply Balanced – $7.49 (tax included)

A picture containing sitting, indoor, bottle, open

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Purchased at Walmart: Jumbo Craft Sticks, 75 Pack – $2.97 (tax not included)

12 replies

  1. Nice! Very informative piece, I will definitely keep your advice in consideration for the next time I try this!


  2. Eclente… Relato de tu experiencia con tu depilación en el blog….. Con detalles incluido…
    Sigue escribiendo mi amor
    Tu abuela


  3. Cirepil is the best !! When you come we can get it cheaper at the professional Cosmo store save you some bucks!! I’m glad your experience was amazing, also make sure you don’t double dip ok
    Love you 😘


  4. Girl I give you kudos for this!! I cannot inflict pain on myself so I have to leave the waxing for the professionals lol. But reading your experience makes me think you are really brave and waxing on yourself may not be so bad after all.

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