My online dream journal: Do you remember your dreams?

By Ashley Lopez

I have been logging my dreams for over a year now. Most dreams are dated. Some aren’t, the undated dreams are ones that I have never forgotten. I try not to overthink my dreams, yet I always find myself googling the meaning of them. Sometimes they coincide with my reality and many times they don’t. I just think my brain has a lot going on and it’s always painting new pictures for me. 

Hope you enjoy!

Undated – Don’t throw the trash away at night 

I must’ve been around 12 years old and I was in my dad’s old apartment. I was in the bedroom sitting on a bed and I was facing a four-door white closet. I was just sitting there. Staring at it. My dad didn’t seem to be home. In fact, I think I was completely alone. All of a sudden, I had the urge to throw the trash away in the dumpster outside even though it was dark out and late. It was no time for a girl of my age to be throwing out the trash. The dumpsters in the apartment complex were enclosed with cement walls and a metal gate on one side for access to enter. As I approached the dumpster, the atmosphere got extra quiet, and I began to feel scared. Heart racing, I got a little closer. I was adjacent from the entrance of the dump, about ten feet away from reaching my destination. I paused. I saw a body shift from one side of the dumpster. Then, I saw half of a white sombrero, the tip of a white leather boot, and a partially bent knee covered in white. A bit of a sombrero? A tip of a boot? A knee? Hmm. I took a deep breath. It was as if this person was waiting for me. But, then again, what was a 12-year-old girl doing throwing out the trash so late at night? Then, one hand holding a white gun slowly crept out and joined visibility. A bit of a sombrero? A tip of a boot? A knee? And now, a hand holding a gun? Hmm. The person began twirling the gun on one of their fingers. Since I was only about ten feet away from the dumpsters, I used all my might and tossed the trash bag over the wall. I sprinted back home before the person had a chance to reveal him or herself.

Undated – The lady in the portrait 

I was in a hunter green Volkswagen bug with my best friend, Maria. She was driving us and took us to a large deserted parking lot. Surrounding us were miles of dirt and dry hills. In the parking lot there was an enormous white house that seemed to be abandoned. The house definitely needed work. Curiosity got the best of us and we approached the house. To our surprise, the front door was unlocked, and we were able to gain access to this mystery. The walls were deep green and off white throughout the space that consisted of at least 15 rooms and had two stories. We then climbed the stairs to get to the second floor. The stairs creaked and dust sprinkled all around. The only noises we heard were our steps and our breath. When we got to the top of the staircase, we were faced with a hallway that reflected the layout of a hotel. Doors on each side of the walls that led to different rooms. We slowly walked through the hallway. There were old and dusty portraits on the wall of people with snakes on their heads as turbans. The doors to the bedrooms were locked. Suddenly, we heard a hiss. We slowly turned around. There was a large bright green anaconda approaching us from the staircase. It was massive. More than half of the body was still slithering up the stairs. Maria and I began running towards the opposite end of the hallway where luckily, there was another staircase that led us down. But the anaconda didn’t seem to care for Maria. It was after me. The reptile was able to capture me right before I reached the staircase. It wrapped my whole body. I began to stare at it and realized it was a superior version of the snakes in the portraits. I tilted my head while looking at it. The snake mirrored my action and began to coil my body tighter. I saw its mouth open wide to reveal two large fangs. It was ready and willing—no, dying to bite me. I was going to become a portrait on the wall. 

13 January 2019 – The barriers within 

I was in a large dark room with my sister, Kiana. The room didn’t necessarily have walls; rather large and tall windows wrapped us. It must’ve been nighttime, since the ambiance was obscure. I saw my sister, but I wasn’t next to her. Why couldn’t I get close to her? Was she okay? Was I okay? I asked myself. Then, the room began to fill with water and Kiana floated further away from me. I still couldn’t bring myself to her. I had so many questions. I just wanted to be near her. Suddenly, the room divided into two by an invisible barrier, one half with water and the other without. After a while, Kiana’s half was filled to the top of the room with water. She was swimming underwater. She looked magnificent as her long auburn hair swayed behind her. I was on the dry side. I was confused. Amazed. Scared. Somehow, she was able to breathe underwater. I got frustrated after a while. I marched towards Kiana and tilted my head into the water. The absent barrier glowed with a lavender-colored haze as I crossed into Kiana’s half of the room. An air bubble wrapped around my head like an astronaut’s helmet. Our eyes widened. Astonished, I propped back to my side of the room and Kiana followed suit. She leaned her head towards the dry side and a water bubble surrounded her head as mine disappeared. The barrier burst into a lavender mist once more as she crossed it. We giggled. The night consisted of a splashing lavender glow from the barrier as we continuously crossed it back and forth, air and water-filled bubbles, and two sisters finding their way back to each other. 

2 replies

  1. Ashlita… Siento mucha felicidad x que estás haciendo lo q más te gusta…
    Tus sueños son tan reales… Y sobre todo eres Sincera xq dices q son medios locos… 🤗🤗
    Bendiciones mi amor


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