A blank verse poem and inspired by Jennifer Keith


I remember it was so damn hot
that night their love went all the way to hell,
the night I was eating popcorn alone
in front of my television. I think,
I’m sure I was watching Disney Channel…
the princess finally got her cute prince,
I remember clearly because she was…
oh so happy. While the thuds and bangs
right outside my bedroom door were followed
with soft sobs and I’m sorry. He was mad,
or maybe he was hurt. Either way,
he was throwing stuff. He was pushing her.
Then he cursed about many awful things:
how much he hates her and doesn’t love her,
how much he can’t stand her or her presence.
That’s when the beautiful wedding happened
on my screen, that is. Now that I think about
it—it was actually freezing that night.
But, the love on my screen kept me so warm,
while his heart turned stone cold. I heard her,
begging, please don’t leave me… I love you, but
then all the walls vibrated. I am sure
that’s when I opened my door to face him.
I’m sure he looked down, he looked everywhere,
but not at me. I think my jaw dropped down.
I think my cheeks were flushed with red now;
then I saw my mom on the cold, cold floor.

Sweet Thang

(In the manner of: Eating Walnuts by Jennifer Keith)

The sweet thang dancing knows the way,
She shows us how it’s done,
slowly, but surely, we’ll learn.

She’s so delighted to have us watch her peel off her layers.
There’s the stage, she finds her way up.
Then she spins a little,
flicks her hips a little.

Soon, she’s ready to shake in your face.
That’s when your eyes widen like a melon.
You’re excited, maybe even horrified.
She’s only getting started.

She now believes she’s ready—
to embrace her art. You are now trying
to hold back your temptation.
Then she shows you her papaya

a welcoming fruit, the flawless treat
shows two things:
freedom and honesty.
Few things before you judge:
Either way, you’re charmed
and filled with lust.

1 reply

  1. Mi Ashlita… Está bien loco, como tú dices, este sueño si esta enredado… Pero me entretuve leyendo… Lo leí primero en inglés y después en Español….
    Sigue adelante… Mi amor.. Te quiero mucho.. Besitos


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