Creative writing: my ballade poem

Gone Daddy by Ashley Lopez

Mama used to scare her, used to pinch her
For not listening, used to make her bend
Over for a spanking. She’d cry and slur
Her words: I’m sorry, mama! Be my friend!
But, she’d take it so the spankings could end.
Mama meant well, but she left her alone
When he picked her up for the whole weekend.
When she was young, Daddy was on a throne.

He’d play with her and she was happier
With him because they always played pretend.
When she went back, it all became a blur—
Mama was happy and they’d make amends.
She still missed Daddy, but Mama would tend
To make her laugh. Though, she would still groan
And Mama would just have to comprehend:
When she was young, Daddy was on a throne.

Then, things were different than they once were.
Daddy and her used to laugh—they would blend.
He got dull; within, his anger would stir.
He had new kids and he wouldn’t attend
To her, rather insult her. He’d offend
Her and vanished their relationship. Blown
Out of proportion—he then portended:
That as she grew, Daddy would leave the throne.

She gave up on him and she would depend
On Mama. They were always in their zone—
Talking, leaning on each other… they’d mend.
Now, Daddy will never be on the throne.

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