My online dream journal: Do you remember your dreams? (Part 2)

By Ashley Lopez

I have been logging my dreams for over a year now. Most dreams are dated. Some aren’t, the undated dreams are ones that I have never forgotten.

Here are more wacky dreams 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

12 January 2019 – From the ocean to a garage

I was faced with a small hole planted on a wall. The hole was the diameter of a basketball; somehow, I was able to enter it. Once I did, I entered a vortex type suction. I was spit out onto a giant boulder in the middle of the ocean. The boulder had a staircase that led to the top of it. As I was climbing up the staircase, I was getting splashed with cold ocean water as the waves were colliding all around. Once I reached the top of the boulder, I saw a woman and a man. Suddenly, the boulder tilted from our weight, about 90 degrees and we almost fell into the raving water. As we were tilting into the water, the three of us held tightly onto the railing of the staircase that was on the boulder as if we were holding onto a sailing boat that caught too much wind. The wind was slapping us in the face and the waves were smashing against us. We tiptoed back to the hole, or vortex, and I suddenly got spit out into a neighborhood.

The man and the woman were gone. I was now in Rancho Bernardo (a neighborhood in San Diego, Ca) at my aunt Monica’s house with my dad. My dad wanted to go for a drive, so I followed him to his white Toyota Camry and we began to cruise.


My dad crashed into someone’s garage. A huge garage. This garage was probably the size of an entire house. We stepped out of the car and noticed that my dad’s car caused a lot of damage. An angry woman came to meet us in the garage and she began yelling at us. Demanding money from us. We didn’t have any so we had the woman follow us back to my aunt’s house so we can ask her for money. At this point, my dad, the woman, and me were in my aunt’s garage with her, my cousin Angelo, and my grandpa Max. My aunt was trying to reason with the lady while she continued to yell. That’s when it happened. We heard a boom on the opposite side of the garage. Someone or something was trying to come in. To attack us. To Kill us. It came into the garage and Angelo began to fight it. It was green and formed as a blob. Angelo was stabbing it, but no blood was coming out. What was it?

18 January 2019 – Food for fun

I was in a big cafeteria with my boyfriend Luis, his friends, and his family. Though, there were a lot more people all around us. It felt like we were in a high school cafeteria, with long tables and benches. There was some type of game night going on. I was on a team with all girls. The girls consisted of Luis’ cousins and friends. Luis was on a team with the boys. The game was simple, our challenge was to make a “food” entrée that was chosen for us by judges out of a play-doh and gooey like substance with an allotted time period. After each person was done with their creation, they had to carry their dish to the finish line, or panel, to be judged and then it was the next person’s turn in a clockwise rotation. Finally, it was my turn and I had to make a pizza. As I was crafting the pizza, it began melting and dissolving into the table. I somehow managed to scrape what was remaining to take it to the judges. I was the worst component and I was so embarrassed. Even Luis gave me a stink eye as if he was disappointed to be dating me.

After my turn was up, I went outside of the cafeteria to catch a breather and recollect myself. While I was outside, I saw an old friend of mine, Raquel; she was talking on the phone. She was very upset. Raquel is very curvy and I began to get turned on while looking at her. Shortly after, I went back inside. The judges escorted us outside to a giant swimming pool after my return. We were each given a wetsuit, scuba fins, an air tank, and a scuba mask to properly dive into the pool. We all jumped into the pool. To our astonishment, there was a huge mechanical shark underwater vigorously opening and closing its mouth. Large and sharp metal shark teeth were visible to us all. I looked up through the water to see the blurred bodies of the judges outside the pool. The judges then threw the “food” we created into the water and we had to feed the shark when it had its mouth open. The goal was to not get bitten by the shark.

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  1. Hola Ashlita… Nuevamente leo tu blog.. Los dos sueños como q están vinculados…. Porq uno estas suspendida en una baranda o sea en el océano… Eso entendi
    Y en el segundo al final el del choque tu primo está tratando de romper una gran gota…
    Sigue relatando tus sueños.. Me dan mucho q pensar.. Me gustan… Besitos


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