How to perform acts of self-love

By Ashley Lopez

Self-love comes in many forms for everyone. Regardless how you’re making time to love yourself, it’s important to do it. Whether it’s reading your favorite book or serious for the 100th time (ahem, Harry Potter), creating lists, going on walks, washing your face, exercising, gardening, arts and crafts, flossing, cleaning your house, hanging pictures up, washing your car, etc. it’s significant to do it for yourself. Cleaning your house or car may sound a bit silly as a form of self-love, but it only means your cleaning a space you spend time in. A cleaner, or even decorated personal place is a way to love yourself. You’ll begin to feel happier and more comfortable in your own sanctuary.

My self-love involves brushing and flossing my teeth, my face routine, going on walks, and just creating something. I don’t create something every day and I do lack in this aspect, but creativity is everything for me. I would hate to be dull. I am trying hard to create as little as a new recipe everyday.

Have you thought about what scratches an itch you have?

Have you considered just doing that thing for only ten minutes a day? Ten minutes a day is seventy minutes a week 🙂

Lately, I’ve been trying to do yoga more often, but instead of doing one-hour practices, I’m only doing a ten-minute yoga flow. Who knows how long I’ll keep this up. You see, I tend to go through stages, but that’s okay. I’m not mad about it. I used to feel like baby steps weren’t enough, but they’re everything. I mean, we were all babies once and now look at us, reading this post and many more. I made the decision to write this. You made the decision to read this. We’re all capable of getting somewhere even if it’s little by little. You’ll get there, I promise. Just take a step.

I’m taking the route to strive to become more creatively compelling by actually creating something… anything. I am loving myself by doing so and all my other steps are helping me along the way.   

I challenge you to take a step towards a goal that seems out of reach. I challenge you to write it down and create a list of steps to get there. Do ittt 😉

Thanks for reading, xo.

2 replies

  1. Voy a intentar escribir…ok
    Tienes razón… Debemos empezar a querernos..
    Pensar en uno primero, segundo y tercero.
    No Importa la edad q tengas…
    Sigue adelante con tus planes… Sigue escribiendo Pequeña… Besos

    Liked by 1 person

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