Why waxing and menstrual cups are game changers

By Ashley Lopez

Welcome back! This post is for my fellow ladies. Today I wanted to talk about two things that I continuously vouch for. One, waxing for hair removal (obviously men wax as well, but speaking from a woman perspective) – of course if you are blessed with thin or close to no body hair, just keep doing what you’re doing girl. Two, using a menstrual cup – if you’re a tampon user. Literally, stop using tampons. If you’re pro pads, then this probably won’t interest you at all 🙂

Let’s start with one, body waxing is such a relief. Maybe in the future I will get laser hair removal, but for now I will stick with my hard and soft wax. If your hair is anything like mine, it’s thick and wildin’. Over the years I have struggled mentally with my body hair. I used to be embarrassed of it and despised it. But hey, I have a beautiful head of thick long hair, so I guess having excessive and thick body hair is the price I have to pay.

Waxing my body hair has significantly improved my beauty routine and confidence. I wax my armpits, tummy, and my lady parts. Fortunately, the hairs on my arms are thin and don’t require any attention. However, my leg hairs are still pretty thick and grow at a rapid pace, but I choose not to wax them because it takes up too much wax; at this point I’m just used to shaving them. My leg hairs are a bit weird because the hair on my lower legs are super thick compared to the hair on my upper legs. Assumingly because I used to shave my lower legs more often. I started shaving my legs in elementary school because I was so self-conscious about having so much leg hair. Back in the day, I shaved my legs the cheap route: using conditioner as shaving cream and a two-blade cheap-o razor. Now a days, I use actual shaving cream (EOS brand) and a beautiful refillable Venus razor with a lubra strip and a ribbon of moisture also surrounds the blades for glide. My legs feel smoother after and this makes up for not waxing them.

Waxing turns a lot of people off because of the price and pain. It is expensive if you go to a salon, but if you buy your own equipment it’s so much cheaper. You have to start small if you’re a newbie, maybe with your armpits or happy trail for example. Watching a simple tutorial on YouTube is helpful to gain a better perspective on how to wax yourself. The pain of removing hair from the follicle is only momentary and the results are worthwhile. My hairs grow back thinner and at some parts, don’t grow back at all since I’ve been waxing for so long. The thing about waxing is that you have to commit. I do not recommend waxing and shaving in between – your whole routine will be thrown off. Trust me. It’s like starting from scratch all over again pain wise and your hair will thicken once again. I recommend waxing to anyone who suffers from razor bumps, excessive hair, and lack of self-confidence due to being so lusciously hairy 😉

Two and by far the most important and biggest gamechanger of my life: using a menstrual cup. I recommend this to probably every woman I know, and I usually get the same response: “Eww!” NO. NOT EW, you should be screaming with glee! Literally, tampons and pads are “Eww!” Get out of here with that response. Menstrual cups create a seal and suction in your vagina for 8 to 12 hours. There is no smell, no blood, and it’s like you’re not on your period at all. Forget that period smell.

I have been using a cup for a little over three years now and I can’t say how much my life has changed because of it. I empty it in the morning and night and I just carry on with my day. Yes, you’re reusing the same silicone cup (which is the EWW factor for many), but there’s such a thing as cleaning it! Do people seriously think it’s not going to get cleaned?! I literally boil mine before and after each cycle. In between, I wash it with body soap and use hot water while doing so. If you’re really fancy, you can get a designated cup cleanser. If you have a heavier flow, you just empty your cup maybe once in the middle of the day. Using a menstrual cup made me realize that I actually don’t bleed as much as I thought I did. Going through 4+ tampons a day made me feel like I had such a heavy flow. Not the case at all. With that said, I don’t hate my period anymore, I welcome it with open arms because it feels as if I’m not even on it.

Anyways, if you’re happy with your hair removal and period routine, I applaud you. I was just wanted to shed some light on these literal life-changers for me 🙂

Thanks for reading, xo.

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    • Hi Riki! Thanks so much for the support and reading 🙂 Yes, I do have products!! Okay, for hard wax I recommend Cirepil Hard Wax (blue wax beads) and for soft wax I use Gigi All Purpose Honee Wax 🙂 Just make sure to read reviews as well, xoxo

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