My online dream journal: Do you remember your dreams? (Part 3)

By Ashley Lopez

I have been logging my dreams for over a year now. Most dreams are dated, but some are not; the undated dreams are ones that I have never forgotten.

Here are more wacky dreams 🙂 Hope you enjoy!


It was a hot day, the sun was shining and hot, and my skin was golden. I was with my boyfriend, Luis, and we were in a beautiful deep green grass field taking a long walk. While we were walking, we noticed a big grey bug flying around my head. I moved my hand in a flickering motion to get the bug out of my way. Frantic, Luis and I began looking for the bug everywhere to make sure it was actually gone. After what felt like hours of looking, I saw Luis frozen staring at me. He slowly lifted his hand to point at my head; his eyes were bulged. The bug was attaching itself to my scalp. He tried flicking it off, but it wouldn’t budge. I soon felt the bug dig into my scalp, and it stayed in place. Finally, I begged Luis to rip it off me. The pain was excruciating. The sound of a piece of my scalp tearing off my head ripped through my ears and I finally held the bug in my hand that was attached to a portion of my scalp and some hair that hung off it. I began to bleed out.


I was riding on a boat on the Amazon river with my grandpa and many unfamiliar Peruvian faces. The boat was poorly made of wood and the paint was chipping. It did not feel sturdy at all, but we all kept riding at ease. Our boat was not the only one taking a cruise down the river, hundreds of boats surrounded us. Our boat finally came to a stop at the riverbank. We all slowly began to step off the boat onto dirt, better yet, into the jungle. My grandpa missed a step and fell right into the river, neck deep. He was drenched in brown river water. When he helped himself out, he looked dirty and scared. His eyes widened in fright. I was the only one to notice his fall into the water. On land, the rest of the group was in the outskirts of the jungle and inside of a handmade teepee tent. My grandpa and I slowly followed suit and entered. In the tent, I was faced with a beautiful woman who forced a cup of tea in my hand and a plant.


I was working for my old company again after a long while. I was welcomed back by my old boss and I felt so sick to my stomach to be working for her again. To calm my nerves and feel better, I went into the owner’s office and it looked as if he aged by ten years even though it had been less than two years. He was in the office snuggled tightly in a thick wool blanket. I asked him why he doesn’t retire yet, he laughed. He moved a bit causing the blanket to shift which exposed some of his neck and shoulder. Instantly, his skin color turned blue / purple. The color progressed from his shoulders to the top of his bald head like a human thermometer. He was sick. I quickly went to tightly wrap the blanket around his body once more and his color went back to normal, but his eyes turned red as he began to sob.


I was with my sister, Mia, and she kept rubbing her right eye. I told her to stop rubbing it so hard. She said she had a ruler stuck in it. Bewildered, I looked closely into her eye and I saw the corner of a plastic ruler poking out from the outer corner of her eye. I was amazed. I didn’t even question how she got a ruler stuck in her eye. I told her I’d pull it out for her. She braced herself. I pinched my index finger and thumb around the corner that was exposed and slowly pulled out a six-inch clear plastic ruler that was covered in bodily fluids. She was relieved.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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  1. Sueños….. En estos te ayudó Luis sacando el bicho.. Los otros tú ayudaste a tu abuelo y a tu hermana..
    Son personas muy importantes para ti…
    Tienes el don de ayudar a las personas q lo necesitan.
    Eres un excelente ser humano.. Bendiciones

    Liked by 1 person

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