Presenting ‘Oh, Juliet’ a creative short story

A short story by Ashley Lopez

Lola and her sister, Winter, were doing their weekly runs—they robbed most of the small markets in their neighborhood. They knew the local markets got shipments every Monday and Thursday night. Their routine was simple: Winter would woo the man behind the cash register until she seduced him enough to drag him to the backroom of the store, thirty seconds later, Lola, would enter the market and steal as much groceries as possible within a four to six-minute range, finally, after she was satisfied with the amount of food she took, she’d wait for Winter outside. Lola stuffed her sweatpants with rice, beans, pasta, and boxes of mac ‘n cheese. Then, she jammed apples, oranges, and bananas up her sleeves until she finally put one pint of milk in the front pocket of her sweater, and then, waited in the alley behind the market for Winter.

“You know, sis, it’d be nice if you tried to seduce them every now and then. You know I’m just as sneaky as you are, maybe even sneakier! I could double what you take and you know it, damn it.” Winter confessed.

“Ugh, you know I’m a virgin! I’m scared—I don’t know anything about having sex let alone being sexy.”

“And I wasn’t a few months ago? Stop being a baby—we need the damn food!”

“We can’t just switch our roles up now! These men expect you, they’ll know something is up if another girl tries to fuck them during their shift! These guys obviously don’t get any.”

“God, Lola don’t be stupid—we look the same! I’m sure we feel the same! Geez as if these fools would even notice the difference!”

“Gosh, EWWW. Don’t say that,” whined Lola.

They stared at each other for a few minutes.

“Let’s go, Juliet is probably starving by now,” hesitated Winter.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading, xo.

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