My poem [Insert title here]

By Ashley Lopez

Getting a glimpse of you, everyday
Dipping my toes in the shallow end is no fun
While you’re taking a stroll with her,
I’m here watching – wanting
Stuck behind these tall metal bars
You are so cruel to not let me through

I’m trying to feel honor from here,
But how I yearn to step a foot
Where you are
Because, you look so big through these bars
But space allows the cold to spread, rapid
How do these bars comfort you?
Does it matter to you –
That I’m a world away?

You don’t want me there,
But yet, I hear it’s better
Over there
I don’t understand why you let me see you,
Breathe you in
All the while,
I’m trying to compose myself, to feel safe

While I’m staring at your side
Convincing myself I don’t need to be there,
With her
These metal bars are no battle for you,
But make me feel rage within

You show yourself, everyday
But you won’t ask me how I feel
Every day, I see you
All the time, I despise you

For not inviting me in

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