Flowering: the right time will come

By Ashley Lopez

I often think about a life lesson and grand metaphor my grandma taught me years ago. I was in about the second grade and I was upset about something. I don’t quite remember what I was mad about, but it had to do with me wanting to do something I wasn’t old enough to do yet.

My grandma was combing my hair when she started comparing me to a flower. Ha! Me? A flower? Oh snap, I was moving up in life. After a while of combing, she asked me how a flower grows and what it needs in order to do so. I’m sure my answer was very kid-ish (still probably is), but it was along the lines of:

A flower starts as a seed, grows roots, then turns into a seedling, [insert cool photosynthesis process here], all the while needing soil, water, and sunlight in order for it to bloom.

I had not bloomed yet and I wasn’t anywhere close to it. I was still a little tiny root close to becoming a seedling.  I was still in the process of getting watered and making sure I was getting enough sunlight.

She taught me that I cannot rush things in life, and everything will happen at the right time when it’s supposed to. I held onto these words throughout my teenage years (and yes, I was still pushing myself to do things too quickly sometimes) and I even hold onto to them now. Although I am a very impatient person for many things, I learned to be 100% happy waiting for the right time for the many things that have yet to happen for me in life.  

Can you reflect on a time when you were trying to grow up too fast? Did it have repercussions?

Some examples I can think of are: putting on makeup too young, wearing inappropriate clothing at a young age, being underage trying to sneak into a bar, dating too young, having sex too young, and so many more!

Let’s all promise ourselves to slow down a bit and enjoy the ride. Just because something hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t. You will experience what life has to offer at your own pace and at the best time.

Afterall, a flower takes time to bloom in order for it to reach perfection.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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