How to show yourself perseverance

By Ashley Lopez

The post, ‘I listened to my true self‘ on Danielle Clark’s blog (link below) inspired this post with the writing prompt she created: Think back to a time when your True-Self overcame the excuses from your Other-Self. What positives came from that experience?  

When I read this, I immediately thought of so many examples. My interpretation: your true-self is the angel on one shoulder and your other-self is the devil on the other. My other-self is constantly testing my true-self. Like what is up with that? Can I just live in peace without all of the burden from my other-self?

Okay, so hear me out, I am a person obsessed with routines. They keep me whole, sane, but most of all they are in place for me to perform my acts of self-love. The routines that are officially exercised in my life each day are: brushing AND flossing my teeth (I know this sounds simple, but I used to not floss AT ALL), washing my face in the morning and night, and reading before bed (literally just a page or two sometimes). The routines that are almost a daily habit, but require a bigger push from my true-self are: walking at least a mile a day and doing yoga.

My true-self has overcome my other-self so much with my dental, face, and reading routine that I have enough self-discipline to NOT let myself slip. I know I need these rituals. I know I am not okay without them.

For example, I have painted a mental picture, enough to gross myself out, of mold growing in my gums to make sure I floss. I know this doesn’t seem like much, but for me reaching this milestone was huge! I have been in the routine of flossing for over two years now and I cannot even fathom why I used to not floss.

Same with my face routine, I am officially fixated with caring for my face. I can be tired as hell or under the influence, but I will not go to bed without doing this for me. I just can’t. I feel pure joy when I wash my face and I imagine my skin talking to me, thanking me for loving it.

Now, I have become aware that for the most part, I have to read before bed. Not because “I love to read,” but because I need to. It makes me sleepy and it just clears my marathon of thoughts. The only thing on my mind are the characters in my book (okay, I’m reading Harry Potter again, but I swear I read other books too) and I fall into deep relaxation.

My true-self is KICKING-ASS, but…

My other-self sometimes tries to convince my true-self that maybe I don’t need to go on a walk or do yoga. That my legs don’t deserve to be fully stretched and my feet don’t deserve to walk a wonderful trail while giving my brain a chance to take a mental breath.

Nah, other-self, you better get up OUTTA HERE! Slowly, but surely, my true-self is finding that I need these to be habitual and she’s slowly getting even stronger than she already is. On the many occasions that my true-self beats the crap out of my other-self, I feel pure bliss and everything is alright with me, better yet—absolutely perfect.

Of course, I’d rather lay in bed sometimes and eat ice cream! Don’t we all? At times my other-self can be so damn appealing, but I know my TRUE-self would not be happy with that choice.

I challenge you to defy your other-self. Break that cycle. Say yes or say no—whatever is more beneficial for you! Do what feels good for you and only YOU. Step out of your comfort zone and do what makes you feel healthy, proud, creative, sane, joyful, uplifted, etc.

Be true to yourself and treat yourself amazing.


Thanks for reading, xo.

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  1. Segunda vez que lo leo…
    Es verdad lo q escribes, a veces es bueno salir de la rutina diaria… En mi caso lo hago de vez en cuando, pero es solo un día porque después vuelvo a mis costumbres… Aclarando que cambió el orden de hacerlo. X ejemplo.. A veces me baño primero.. Generalmente lo hago cuando termino de hacer mis labores, me arreglo cada día aunque no voy a ningún lado, leo el diario, puedo tejer, puedo colorear, puedo hacer Bisuteria. Diferente cada día.
    Escucho música… Veo TV.. Gracias

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  2. I’m glad my writing prompt could spark this magic. I just shared it with my FB crew. This is gold, “I challenge you to defy your other-self. Break that cycle. Say yes or say no—whatever is more beneficial for you!” Together we rise. Be well my friend. Xoxo.

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