Dear body, I love you

By Ashley Lopez

Dear body,

I was told to write a letter to you about how you make me feel.

You make me feel powerful, capable and at the same time, not good enough.

I have a confession to make. To be quite honest, I have a list of complaints. There I said it. I know I’m supposed to be grateful for you and trust me I am! But… can you be a little less like my body?

Can you cool it with the constant thick hair that grows all the time?
Can you just stop with dark pigmentation in my underarms and inner thighs?
Can you stop producing so much cottage cheese (aka cellulite)?
Can you please somehow—puhhhleaassee—get rid of my stretch marks?
Can you get a wee-bit thinner? Say 20 pounds?
Can you stop being such a drag when it comes to losing these 20 pounds?
Can you push my breasts a little more together so they’re not as far apart?
Can you stop being so dry? Psiro (sigh-row aka psoriasis) is NOT happy!

Ok, now I feel terrible for asking all this of you. I take all these requests back. Please don’t ever stop being like my beautiful body. I never want you to be less than you are. Be all of it.

After all, you allow me to walk, jump, run, dance, make love, cook, swim, skip, throw, dive, flip, do yoga and the list goes on.

Body—you are killing it. You slay. Sorry for all the complaints. I freaking love you. I cherish you. I praise you. I promise to love you forever and take care of you the best that I can.

Today remind yourself just how wonderful your body is even if you’re mad at it.

Your body is your sanctuary.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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