Importance of showing love for others

By Ashley Lopez

Happy New Year everyone! We made it! YOU made it!

Being able to perform self-love and self-care requires us to love people. How can we love ourselves if we don’t know how to love others? There is so much hate and judgment around us. I have been guilty of not standing up for someone or siding with the popular vote even if I knew it was wrong.

Can you think of a time when you didn’t defend someone or put someone down even though you knew it was not okay?

I’d like to say I care so much about people and believe it, but if I have been guilty of the above in the past, how am I able to radiate so much love on myself and not others? I am learning from my mistakes and vow to be better, caring, a leader and most of all, welcoming and understanding.

One thing I am sure of is that I do my absolute best not to judge anyone. I don’t know what anyone has been through besides myself. I can’t analyze and make assumptions about people just by looking at them. Of course, I know I have judged someone at some point, but I acknowledged it and I fixed it.

Are you guilty of judging someone without meeting them? I think we all have been at some moment. Let’s break that pattern today. Right now. Focus on broadening empathy.

Let’s appreciate the saying, before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes starting now. To begin to love and care for ourselves, we have to be admirable. We need to be supportive of others – even the ones we don’t know that well or at all. We have to let love submerge us until we burst from it and it begins to reflect on us.

I am challenging myself and YOU to speak up for someone who is right even if you’re scared, lend a helping hand to ones in need and not judge anyone by appearance, reactions, ideas, beliefs, thoughts, skills, etc.

I dare you to spread kindness, care, fairness, sympathy, recognition and love to acquaintances or strangers this year and on.

Can you imagine how sweet our world would be if we choose to be daring rather than afraid?

Thanks for reading, xo.

3 replies

  1. EMPATIA.. exactamente es ponerse en los zapatos de otra persona…
    Hace algunos años aprendí esa palabra..
    Es tener el valor de comprender y ayudar en la medida q nos sea posible a nuestros semejantes.
    Feliz y Bendecido 2021 Ashlita

    Liked by 1 person

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