Setting boundaries in your relationships

By Ashley Lopez

I have a friend, a great friend, an amazing friend who is constantly inspiring me to do better. To push myself. Believe in myself. Be the best version of myself. Someone who gives me my space, time to heal and breathe. I didn’t know a friend could love me so much, know me so well and care so much about me—me.

It’s vital to surround yourself with people like this. People who admire you, see the true you at all times, even in your worst times and people that aspire to do their best as well. Going through stressful, overwhelming or big transitions in life can cause an unsettling feeling that require a solid support system. During times of growth and revolution, it becomes apparent who you need in your life and who you don’t. I am so thankful for my strong ass friendships.

This move, though positive, has been just as exhausting and nerve-racking. Getting all our things together in its place and making a new home home-y is exciting and frustrating because everything is everywhere. I am so eager to see how my new humble abode looks like in three months. Anyways, this move and the many more changes to come I am facing has given me a crystal-clear view on friendships and relationships in general. Whoever you decide to keep in your life should respect your boundaries, wishes and success.

I am still learning to feel less intimidated from saying no to people. I am also developing a better system for myself on how to set limitations and rules for my relationships while only prioritizing my solid ones.

This week I challenge you to re-evaluate your personal boundaries and truly let yourself say ‘no’ if the purpose doesn’t serve you.

Thanks for reading, xo.

1 reply

  1. Ashlita.. Demore un poquito en leerlo..
    Es verdad te rodean muchas personas…
    Tu decides quienes son tus verdaderos amigos…
    Eso toma tiempo… Todos son conocidos…
    Pocos tus verdaderos amigos.
    El tiempo y las circunstancias te enseñarán quienes son los buenos y verdaderos amigos.. Besitos

    Liked by 1 person

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