My online dream journal: Do you remember your dreams? (Part 4)

Killer whales
Written by Ashley Lopez

Setting: Lovers Point, Pacific Grove, Monterey County, California

Luis and I were on the cliffs at Lovers Point, though the cliffs we were on were not the actual cliffs you see at Lovers Point. The deep blue green waves were crashing and dancing against the rocks. We were its audience. The ocean began to flood with killer whales, let’s say about 40 of them. Surrounding the cliffs and dancing along with the monstrous waves. Mother earth was putting on quite a show for us. The whales were lined up along the point where the water meets the cliffs as if it were the ending point of a tank at a SeaWorld stadium. They were close enough to us, it almost felt as if they were inviting us in to swim with them. Luis began to pet one. Caressing it near its eyes. The other whales began to jump and flip in glee.

Our hearts began to fill with joy.

Suddenly, the cliffs shifted inwards down towards the earth like were going down an elevator at mega-speed. Once the shifting stopped, Luis and I were faced with glass (like a tank) with pieces of cliff securing it. Kind of like the cliff was allowing us to see under the water through peepholes of clear visibility here and there – a honeycomb effect.

Our journey/my dream ended by making direct eye contact with many of the whales one-at-a-time.

#that’smybestfriend – Again, sharing random pics for fun 🙂 my bad if they’re unrelated
*Location: Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, CA

3 replies

  1. Me parece un bonito y exitante sueño…
    Creo.. Es para darte la bienvenida y prosperidad en San Diego… Bendiciones..


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