Happy International Women’s Day to the amazing women in your life

Written by Ashley Lopez

*My baddie of a sister
*Location: somewhere in Chula Vista, CA

Hello to all my beautiful women readers – this one is for you!

Happy International Women’s Day (late for you, but writing this day of). Today I was reflecting on all of the women in my life. Every woman I have in my world whether that be as a family member, friend, colleague, acquaintance, etc. have all served a special purpose in my life by showing me the wonderful variety we all have to offer each other and the world.

I am unable to sum up all my traits because let’s face it—I’m all the over the place. And that’s okay because I am Woman, (I really want to insert ‘Hear my roar’ but ehh so basic, but soooo powerful so—) HEAR ME ROAR!

The awesome women, girls, ladies, females, etc. that I am surrounded with have all spoiled me with their intelligence, strength, happiness, care, joy, jealousy, overthinking brain, warmth, gentleness, sensitivity, emotions, tenderness, apologies, empathy, nurture, attitude, fierceness and the list goes on. I am able to face this society that put foolish men in power on pedestals because I have all of you brilliant bad-ass women supporting me and each other.

I challenge you, woman (or man), to write a letter to a woman (earn more imaginary points by choosing someone who isn’t your significant other) and let them know what makes them ferocious and absolutely unstoppable. If they’re having trouble finding their inner beast, it’s time to help them unleash it.

Let’s focus on empowering women every day on this planet that literally needs us.

May we be seen, appreciated, loved, taken serious, not objectified, not judged and HEARD!

In the end, who are you without the women in your life?

Thanks for reading, xo.

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