The best free yoga on YouTube

Written by Ashley Lopez

Welcome back beautiful readers!

One thing that 2020 re-introduced to me that I have carried into 2021 is wonderful yoga. I used to feel completely disconnected from it and thought of it as more of a chore, but now I feel so grounded when I practice. My stars have aligned and I am one with the earth when I practice.

I am no pro, not at all, but I do have my yoga playlist on YouTube adding up quite a bit. I mostly enjoy Vinyasa flows, deep hip openers, and some Yin Yoga. This post is dedicated to the yoga channels/instructors that have changed my soul and life for the better.

Yoga with Tim

This channel is helpful because in many of the videos, the instructor guides someone else to do the poses while he’s teaching. He points out form and gives thoughtful details and input regarding the poses. The videos of himself practicing are also nice because his technique and form is strong and his flows are a good work-out!

Boho Beautiful Yoga

This channel is my go-to when I want to sweat. Fast-paced yoga for sure, but the teacher, Juliana, is great and flexible as a noodle. This channel was a bit intimidating at first, but the more videos you watch, the more you want to push yourself to improve. Also, this channel was the only yoga channel I watched when I first started my journey so let’s just say she kicked me into “yoga shape.”

Yoga with Kassandra

My girl Kassandra is what is up in the morning. Kassandra has the best quick flows to boost your energy upon waking up. The quick flows this channel offers are extremely effective and it’s important to know that practicing 10 minutes a day is better than one hour a week. Her longer videos are stimulating and manageable as well.

Jessica Richburg

Okay, after many many videos and yoga instructors, I do have to say Jessica Richburg’s channel is my favorite. Her voice is soothing, her videos are dynamic, the channel offers a great mixture of both difficult and slow-paced yoga, and her virtual aura is contagious. Jessica has me stretch parts of my body I never considered stretching before and now I’m addicted.

Okay lovely readers, this week I challenge you to try one yoga video from any of these channels (or others). Listen to the words the instructors are saying. If they’re saying something along the lines of picturing yourself leaving your body to hug it – listen and imagine. Hug yourself, love yourself, stretch your body – you deserve everything good in life!

Namaste, xo.

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