Presenting ‘Annie Kootz vs world’ a creative short story

Written by Ashley Lopez

Annie Kootz is a silly little girl. Her mama always tells her, “Oh Annie—don’t be so koo-koo!”

Annie Kootz is a shy litte girl. Her mama always tells her, “Oh Annie—be proud of who you are!”

Annie Kootz can sometimes be a lying little girl. Her mama always tells her, “Oh Annie—I know you’re better than that!”

One day, Annie Kootz was walking to Queenston Elementary School with her mama, Heather Kootz.

“Are you excited for show n’ tell?” Asked Heather Kootz.

“Yes mama,” said Annie Kootz.

“Good. I’m sure your class with love the scarf your grandmother knitted you, Annie.”

It was a hot day in Uniquesville and Annie Kootz was already sweating from being so nervous.

“Hey Annie! I’m excited to see what you brought for show n’ tell!” Said Becky Blooms.

“Umm… thanks,” said Annie Kootz. Becky Blooms waved bye and went into their classroom.

Annie Kootz was not looking forward to her presentation. Annie Kootz hated talking in front of people, especially the mean girls in her class.

“Nervous, Annie? Oh, don’t worry I’m sure everyone will love the hand-me-downs you brought!” Geenie Penny and Shirley Smalls started laughing Annie Kootz.

… I don’t really know where I’m going with this … why am I repeating the last names so much? … beats the crap out of me …

Thanks for reading, xo.

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