Why I fasted for 60 hours and what happened

Written by Ashley Lopez

Hello everyone! I fasted for 60 hours about two weeks ago and… the experience was life changing. Below I will answer some questions for you/myself and below that will be timestamps of my feelings, moods, and thoughts throughout the 60 hours.

Why did I fast for 60 hours?
Interestingly enough, I bought ketone supplements from my friend because she’s an ambassador for Prüvit (link will be provided below) so I wanted to support her, but also see if the supplements helped shed some pounds. Anyways, I bought a 60-hr reboot and a 10-day challenge. When my supplements got delivered, I noticed the 60-hr reboot had specific instructions on how to ingest what with timestamps. I quickly texted my friend asking what I can eat with the reboot and she told me I had to fast and only consume what was supplied.
I guess you can say next time I have to read the fine print. So, no, I didn’t plan this, but I had already spent money on this product and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

My mentality going in
Ashley, there’s no way you’re going to successfully do this. Four years ago, give or take, I attempted to try a juice cleanse and I failed miserably even though it did allow chicken breast for dinner; during dinner on day one I scarfed down large fries from Wendy’s. It was so pathetic. Obviously, my thoughts were extremely negative going into a 60 HOUR FAST. In addition, I get hungry so fast—there was no way I was not going to eat solids for 60 hours. No way.

What did the 60-hr reboot consist of?
Vitamins, ketones, chicken broth, and lots of water.

Did I successfully complete the 60-hr reboot?
Surprisingly, yes.

Am I proud of myself for successfully completing the reboot?
Hell yeah. I am proud and felt extremely proud the minute it was over. I really couldn’t believe I made it. Hour 60 felt so far away, but I made it to the finish line.

Did I lose weight?
Yes, four pounds.

Did I expect to lose more weight?

Would I recommend fasting for 60 hours?
If you’re doing it solely to lose 4-6 pounds fast, then yeah—do it! If you’re doing it to challenge yourself, there are other ways to do so.

Would I fast for 60 hours again?
No. It was draining, made me unhappy, and felt like self-punishment. There are other ways for self-discipline and depriving myself of food was not my cup of tea.

What did I learn from fasting for 60 hours/biggest takeaways?
The biggest lesson I learned from this experience is that I have a serious problem with my relationship with food. I thought about unimaginable things while hungry, but also realized that I have these thoughts even when I am eating regularly. These thoughts are fantasies which will be highlighted below. Wanting food, craving food, yearning for food when I’m not hungry is so mental. Eating is such a mental mind game for me. I need to learn how to treat food as a necessity, not a pleasure. I am a firm believer in treating yourself, but I abuse food. I always want it. I think about it more than I should. I look forward to eating food more than I do other activities. Sometimes, eating is the highlight of my day even if I had a fantastic day.

Thankfully, food is something I have never been deprived of. I said in the beginning of this post that this experience was life changing and here’s why: I robbed myself of something millions of people don’t have unlimited access to (or at all) because I wanted to. I felt unbelievably spoiled. I am so thankful, but also all the more shocked and awe inspired at how others still manage to be happy while being hungry or not being able to eat-out or not even having a home, etc. So many different scenarios. I am forever grateful for my blessings in life and will continue to remind myself that I shouldn’t misuse things other people can’t, but deserve to as much as I do.

Moods / feelings / thoughts below (in 24-hr timestamps):

Started my fast on a Tuesday at 22:30 – ended my fast on a Friday at 10:30.

Tuesday night
Slept… okay. Took the first batch of vitamins. Feeling nervous for what’s to come.

Wednesday at 08:30
Had an interesting bowel movement.

Wednesday at 10:30
I got this.

Wednesday at 14:00
Okay, getting hungry.

Wednesday at 16:00
Shit, can’t believe I haven’t eaten. Why the hell don’t I have a headache?

Wednesday at 18:00
My boyfriend gets home and tries to cheer me up. We meet someone from Offer Up to buy some sneakers. I’m feeling okay, but really really empty inside (like my soul) and so damn hungry.
**Starts fantasizing about a mini me diving into a bowl of Thai noodles.

Wednesday at 20:00
Makes my boyfriend a cheesy goodness quesadilla with avocado. What the fuck. How am I not picking at this?

Wednesday at 20:30
Really can’t freaking believe I haven’t eaten. I feel tired, weak, and like I want to cry. Why did I do this to myself?
Note to self: fasting is stupid. Don’t do this again.
**Still fantasizing about food
Fuck, I have issues. I need to fix my relationship with food.

Wednesday at 21:30
Alright, I’m going to sleep to distract myself from the hunger, but most of all, my sadness.

Thursday at 07:30
Wow, I was actually able to sleep and my hunger didn’t wake me up. Hmm. Weird.

Thursday at 07:45
I feel fucking fantastic. This is it. This is the euphoric feeling I was supposedly supposed to get according to the internet.
Ew, I have a liquid bowel movement.

Thursday at 09:00
Nope, the feeling is gone. I’m hungry and miserable.
Ew, I have another liquid bowel movement.

Thursday at 11:00
Ew, I have yet another liquid bowel movement.

Thursday at 13:00
Okay. I’m walking. I’m getting my steps in. This is actually distracting me from the hunger I feel. I feel okay. YESS BODY WERRRRKKK IT.
Okay, at this point I’m assuming every time I have to pee, I’ll also have a liquid bowel movement.

Thursday at 15:00
I can’t wait for this day to be over. STOP FANTASIZING ABOUT FOOD! Fantasize about something better, like sex.
**Starts fantasizing about sex…and food.  

Thursday at 20:30
Eating my last chicken broth of this damn fast. I can’t believe I almost did this. Wow, I am proud of myself.

Thursday at 21:00
**Personal distractions are happening in my life via my phone. Wow, this is actually helping me get through my last night. Starts getting a headache.

Thursday at 22:30
I’m drained. Time for bed. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to sleep. I’m so hungry.

Thursday at 23:45
Yup, can’t sleep.

Friday at 07:30

Friday at 08:30
Damn girl, you can definitely rock a bikini for the rest of the day. Wait, do I still have the same headache from last night?

Friday at 09:30
ALMOST THERE. Why aren’t I hungry?

Friday at 09:50
Gets an invitation for a virtual work meeting from 10 to 10:30. Shit, this better end on the dot. Okay, I’m surprised my headache is not a migraine. Okay brain, I see you.

Friday at 10:30
Wait, damn okay, I actually did it!!! I MADE IT! I can accomplish anything I set my mind to! YOU GO GIRL!

Friday at 10:52
Starts making a quesadilla. Mouth…watering.

Friday at 10:56
OMG cheese… avocado… yum… I’m never going to do this again.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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