My online dream journal: Do you remember your dreams? (Part 5)

Written by Ashley Lopez

Hello 🙂 Soooo this week I had a bit of writer’s block and that’s typically when I share a weird dream. Hopefully they still somewhat entertain you and serve some purpose for you.

Do you record your dreams?


This one’s a weird one.

Again, always dreaming about the ocean and furious waves crashing against cliffs. I was at the top of the cliffs looking out into the sea, but I was in a dark makeshift operating room. So, picture this: an OR with no walls, so I was faced with the ocean. I really hope this makes sense.

Kinda like this! Picture for reference 🙂

I was with other people, I’m not sure who. Soon, I saw “McSteamy” or Mark Sloan from Grey’s Anatomy holding a black briefcase and wearing a brown leather jacket. I could only see the side of his face. He said he was pregnant with something—he wasn’t sure what. His back was aching. I had him remove his jacket and shirt and lay face down on the operating bed. The people around me and I began cutting the skin horizontally down his vertebrae. Once he was open, what we saw was incredible. We saw two huge worm/caterpillar like insects in his vertebral column, they were the length of his back. We grabbed tweezers and pinched one from the tip and carefully pulled it out. Slime and gooey matter made itself visible as we separated the foreign body from him. We threw both in a metal bin. They were slugging around.

Quickly, we sewed him back up. He thanked us for the service and walked towards the end of the room and jumped into the ocean.

McSteamy for reference as well 🙂

Thanks for reading, xo.

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  1. Such an intense dream!! Months ago I had a dream with a place just like that picture. Right next to the ocean could literally feel the waves hitting the glass. I was so scared 😦

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