Why I need to stop worrying and start living

Written by Ashley Lopez

Somewhere in Cancún

Hi everyone and happy Sunday. Yes, I am posting on a Sunday… Tuesday I let you down and my post the Tuesday before was lame.

I swear I have a perfectly good excuse—I was in Cancún, Mexico! The prior week was a “catch-up” week as in, catch up to my homework for the whole week I’m gone so I don’t miss any assignments.

Cancún was breathtakingly beautiful, humid, exhausting, worthwhile, and honestly, everything I imagined. The ocean was a light turquoise that was clear and spread out for a good while. As much as I want to keep talking about my experience in Cancún, I kind of want to keep my gem of a trip private… maybe one day I can write about tips and things to do.

Today, I want to focus on stress. The whole month of May prior to my trip was extremely stressful for me for a few reasons: I had to do two weeks’ worth of homework/studying in one week, I was overthinking about getting on a plane (I have flown before, but I still get so scared), I was nervous about my comfort levels while in Cancun and if I’d be able to sleep, and lastly, I was stressed out about getting out of my daily routine.

For someone who was going on vacation, it sure didn’t feel like it. I didn’t get excited for my trip until about 2-3 days before it. But of course, everything went great… I was amplifying my stress, feelings, and pretty much everything I was uneasy about. I am going take this as a “life lesson” and remember to slow down to enjoy the process of whatever is coming my way or whatever I am working on. But most importantly, at least for me, I am going to have to remember that it’s okay to get out of my habitual routines and I can’t negatively blame myself about it when it happens.

I have a perfect friend who always tells me not to worry as much, stop caring so much, to let go, to focus on the now, and to just live my life how I want to without agonizing about things. I am pushing myself every day to have her words become ritual and true in my life.

This week I challenge you to try to let go whatever of is pacing through your mind at 100mph. This will be a difficult challenge for me… but here I go.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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