This is how I reflect on my month (May 2021)

Written by Ashley Lopez

Happy June everyone. I hope May treated you swell.

What a month it’s been for me, from dissecting a sheep’s heart and a pig, to traveling to Cancún, Mexico! As mentioned in my previous post, this month brought me a lot of unneeded stress, but that’s okay because it’s over now and I’m on to the next stressor—just kidding. I think.

For this past month I am especially grateful for my bodyand all of the wonderful things it allows me to do. I am grateful for all the chemical reactions in my body that keep me in homeostasis, or good health. I am grateful that it gives me consent to push itself to its limits like snorkeling for hours, snuba (a combo of scuba diving and snorkeling) diving, walking a ton, having one too many drinks, and just letting me accept a relaxing night of sleep.

Plenty of times I complain about all the things I have to do because I feel like I don’t have any more leisure time (aka time to do nothing at all), but I tend to forget that I should be thankful I am even capable of doing it all. When in doubt, always look on the bright side. As cliché as that is, I do it quite often. I like visualizing the positive in every situation because I can soak up all of the good.

Overlooking good health and our body is common and occurs frequently, but as I reflect on how appreciative of it I am, it reminds me that I should feel this way all the time. Even just writing this comes easy because my fingers are doing the typing (well and all of the nerves and neurotransmitters that are working hard right now to perform this action) and my brain is doing the creating.

So really when I think about it here’s my mental score when I start to feel stressed again in probably like 10 minutes. My body-1. World-0. Get at me.

This month I challenge you to thank your body every day for allowing you to do whatever it is that makes you happy like walking, yoga, swimming, writing, running, cleaning, studying, reading, etc.

Something to consider, we put our bodies through so much and forget to give it proper nutrition or even just water (at least some of us). Eat an orange. Drink some water. Let’s get it.

We’re coming in hot, June.  

Thanks for reading, xo.

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  1. Excelente, Ashley…. Es verdad tenemos q cuidar nuestro cuerpo y alimentación..
    Pará estar bien.
    Felicitaciones x tu lindo viaje.

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