Negative energy

Written by Ashley Lopez

PSA: this post probably won’t make much sense, so I apologize. Just needed to vent, kind of-ish.

I’m doing it again. I’m focusing on negative energy. On things that shouldn’t crowd my mind. But also, on things that I just haven’t dealt with and I refuse to because I’m too scared or I don’t have the means to do so right now. There is something (okay, someone) making me feel unsettled and as much as I’d like to share it all with you… I just can’t.

It’s moments like this when I wish this blog was private and I had an alias for my name so I could share with a bunch of you what’s bugging me, but some people know who I am. Some of you may question me.

Notes to self when dealing with the unavoidable (jk it’s probably totally avoidable): avoid it at all costs.

Don’t let it simmer (except I’m totally letting it simmer).

Really think about if you actually want to avoid it.

Think about if it’s worth racking your brain over.

You’re happy and are able to move forward slowly for the most part.

You can totally avoid this.

I hope this is a good example of how not to deal with problems.

Thanks for reading, xo.  

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  1. Hola… Si algo te molesta y te provoca energía negativa, olvidate…
    A veces nos pasa eso, y pierdes tiempo en preocuparte…
    No vale la pena perder tiempo en lo que no vale….
    Si es importante para ti.. Debes conversar y dejar todo aclarado..

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