52 weeks in a year

Written by Ashley Lopez

Writing 52 posts was (is) my goal this year. I think I said ‘was’ because I made that goal long before writing this.

There are 52 weeks in a year (okay, 52.1429) so I figured, Hmm one post a week is a damn get for me. Here we are in week 24/52.

24. I can’t believe I’ve come this far.

I can’t stop thinking about 52, though. Have my 24 posts (including this one and possibly some more) actually given any of my readers anything at all? I really hope so.

I know maybe around 9/24+ posts have been mediocre, not well thought out, lazy. Am I actually accomplishing my goal? I want to scream 52 times, yes yes yes! But that would mean I don’t hold myself up to high standards. But I guess…
At least
I’m writing
Something or even anything at all.

Prior to this blog, I didn’t write much even though I had/have a lot to say. Even though I majored in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. To be transparent, I don’t have much to show for that, just this blog. I think that’s okay. I’ve heard plenty of times that some people don’t end up working in the industry they “majored in”.

Here I am 213 weeks later… after my college graduation date trying to at least write 52 pieces/posts (or whatever you call this) a year. If I would have written since college, I would have had at least 213 pieces to show for it. But there were months I wouldn’t even pick up a pencil to jot down a single thing.

I’m not math major, but I know 213 is better than 52 and right now I feel like quitting this blog and just writing in my diary, or again, creating an alias so I can share more. I’m scared to show more of myself… what will people think of me? To know all the weird things my head. To know my conscience that I wish to spill all over paper (or blog). Gosh, why am I so literal?

I was pretty consistent with posting on Tuesdays, but that ended of course—I’m not surprised. But at least my weekly post is in and it’s possible this won’t mean much to you, but it means so much to me that you actually read my rambling thoughts.

This week I am challenging myself to get better at math (jk) and pushing myself to focus on art, whether that’s writing or not, let’s all focus on pursuing some type of artistic outlet.

As always, thanks for reading, xo.

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