This is how I reflect on my month (July 2021)

Written by Ashley Lopez

July came and left in the blink of an eye. Growing up I never anticipated time to fly so quickly. Probably because I was so focused on growing up. Now I’m expected to face August 2021 with open arms even though I still feel like it’s July 2014. What’s that phrase people say? Oh yeah… what a time to be alive.

This month taught me the difference of time well and badly spent, money leaving quicker than it came, and the consequences of not appreciating my health. After spending a beautiful day reading on the grass at the park, to being a potato in bed—I should choose reading all the time. Realizing I have an extra XXX amount of money and spending it within the snap of two fingers made me cringe. Making up excuses for why I broke my no added sugar diet (again) made my insides squirm, but I continued to do it.

My July was, yes, somewhat filled with regret, but also so much excitement because I got to watch countless funny videos AND read a bunch. I had the means to do plenty of fun activities, book future trips, pay all my bills, and still have some left to save. Last, but definitely not least, I ate more than I should, but savored each bite. Ok okay, this is me trying to think of a positive. I don’t think breaking my diet so much was worth it LOL.

Whatever you’re struggling to combat that you consider “bad” or “unproductive,” always sprinkle in your best trooper to fight it. For example, I set a limit to my screen time for YouTube to a maximum of 45 minutes a day, I am pushing myself to read 30 minutes a day, and to practice at least 15 minutes of yoga daily.

Whenever you’re feeling like you could do better, do it. But always remember that sometimes a guilty pleasure has the word ‘pleasure’ incorporated for a reason. We don’t always have to feel guilty, especially if you create restrictions for yourself. Pleasures in life are well deserved, just find a way not to abuse them.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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