Why I erased my Instagram account 1 year ago

Written by Ashley Lopez

Deleting my Instagram account a year ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I not only feel healthier, but I feel happier and I don’t have to flaunt it. There are many reasons that led me to erase my account. As lame as some of them are, I am going to be vulnerable and share the following:

  • I was beginning to feel a type of stage fright every time I posted a picture.
  • I was comparing my likes.
  • I began wondering things like why someone didn’t like my photo, but they liked my last one.
  • I tried too hard to make sure I got a great photo specifically for Instagram instead of living in the moment.
  • I spent too much time on it.

While these points were/are valid, above all else—what really began to irk me and make the hemispheres of my brain battle was—

  • Caring so much about strangers’ lives!

Why the hell did I care so much about what the Kardashians were doing or why an IG model decided to go to Australia instead of Italy. I didn’t want to care and spending hours scrolling and obsessing over people that had NO clue who I was put my mind in overdrive mode.

Although curiosity has its own reason for existing (thank you, Einstein), I shouldn’t be curious of things that do not serve ME. I used to think it was a form of entertainment. But, I could spend that time (as I do now) watching hours of TV, writing or reading. I think I’ve become too self-involved over the year that I truly don’t want to see what people are doing.

For me, the toxicity of Instagram compared to other social media platforms reached… okay, well picture this—a stove top oatmeal reaching its boiling point with the lid on and it blows creating a mess on the stove. That was me. When I recognized the access that Instagram allowed me to have to so many people, I realized I didn’t want people to have that access to me. Look, I know I’m not a celebrity, nor some Insta famous “baddie,” but the more people I had unfollow me and the more people I unfollowed pushed me to the conclusion that I should just stick to the platforms that don’t make me jump through hoops to feel some sort of privacy and limit my unlimited access to people I’ll never be or people I should even care about.

I don’t mean to sound so negative towards Instagram. I do see why it’s beneficial for some people and how it can be entertaining. This is just my story and angst towards it. Of course, and admittingly, I do miss being able to see my family and friends’ posts, but that’s the thing, they’re my friends and family so I can always just ask them for pictures.

If I could describe my year without “the gram” in 5 words it would be: a breath of fresh air. And that’s my reflection, I’m finally breathing at ease. My sanity is whole again and I make sure to only connect to my circle in healthy ways that benefit me.

Going forth, I’m going to stick to the media platforms I do love like Snapchat and YouTube. I truly do not see myself personally using Instagram or Facebook again. Hmmm, well maybe Facebook when I’m like 40 because that’s where all the moms are. Just kidding!

This week I challenge you to let go of something toxic in your life for a minimum of 2 weeks. Record your feelings. Reflect on them.

Thanks for reading, xo. 

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