Why it’s hard to meet beauty standards

Written by Ashley Lopez

This is me before these claws came out to scratch and discomfort me.

About a week ago I made a foolish decision to get long (for me) acrylic nails. Why on earth did I succumb to this choice? I fell into the sticky trap of society’s “this is how to look good” guidelines.

Ugh, but they’re so pretty. This isn’t worth it. I can barely type this. You have no idea how many times I’ve clicked the ‘delete’ button on my keyboard. This is writing hell. I need to get these nails taken off… or maybe shortened. I already spent money on them. I should at least ride this wave out. Right?

Going back to why I got acrylic nails last week. I had some friends come into town and all the girls had pretty nails, or were going to get a fill for their weekend in “Sunny San Diego”. That’s when I noticed my raggedy nails. Ah, yet again I fell into the vicious vortex of not feeling good, confident or pretty enough. Now I have these stupid daggers on my damn fingers. Getting acrylic nails is one thing, but getting them long was just something I decided to do because it looked “cute”. Oh, and because my co-worker told me I better not come back from my lunch with “short nails”. Peer pressure at it’s finest.

I need to be an influencer, not an influencee.

There is nothing wrong with showing yourself love and getting your mani and pedi, but this time it was wrong for me because I did it to fit in with other girls. Now, when I go into the nail shop next, I’m going to have them drill these bad boys down and I’m going to have short, beautiful nails because that makes me happy.

Oh, I have so much to learn.

Thanks for reading, xo.

3 replies

  1. I did press ons for a wedding and I did acrylic nails for my graduation because as you said, the pressure of ‘this is how you look good’ is there. Both times I did my nails, my natural nails got ruined after removing them and took months to recover. Plus the length made everything else feel weird and difficult to do. Now I am literally in a idgaf mental space lol. Hoping to see more of your posts!

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  2. Interesante tu blog sobre las uñas, siempre me he sentido bien con las mias, pequeñas bien arregladas, trabajaba muy tranquila en la computadora y como anécdota no rompía mis pantys.. 😜😜.
    Me encanta ver a las chicas con sus uñas postizas.
    Gracias.. Besitos


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