3 ways to help you focus today

Written by Ashley Lopez

Hi everyone, welcome back to Ashley Spills. Ashley here, spilling the best intel (LOL). Today I am going to share the tricks I use to help me stay focused on things I need, or want to get done. This can include homework, work in general, writing, reading, exercising, your passion / hobby that you want to grow and learn more of, and so much more! Do you have a hard time focusing on the project at hand?

  1. Recognize and utilizing the proper space to do it
    • All throughout college, I went to coffee shops or cafés to get homework done. Now, post-college life, I still find myself migrating to these locations when I need a place to unravel my thoughts and concentrate. I do have a desk at home and although that has helped immensely with my attention span, I still find myself wandering off to the kitchen or living room. Find a space that allows you to stick to the task, or whatever it may be, to get it done without too many distractions.
    • Examples: café, coffee shop, library, the park, the beach (thank goodness for hotspots), your at-home office, your car—whatever place gives your comfort and clarity.
  2. Finding inspiration
    • If your goal / task is do something creative, or even business related (like reports) but you feel stuck on where to start, the toughest thing is to find the motivation to do it. It’s safe to say that without inspiration, there is no motivation so go get inspired today!
    • Examples: go outside, listen to music, watch movies and tv for ideas, look for examples of what you need to get done (YouTube / the internet), do some journaling, create a vision board, keep up with people who are doing the same thing you want to accomplish and are killing it, etc. There are so many ways to get mentally stimulated to give you that push to reach your goal(s) today.
  3. Listening to (specific) music
    • Many people aren’t able to concentrate in noisy areas, let alone while listening to music. Hear me out, I can’t listen to music with lyrics if I need to focus because then I’ll just start singing along, but when I am writing or doing homework, I listen to the playlists below on Spotify—they’re an absolute God send. Just music, no lyrics. I don’t know the science behind the interaction of my neurons and these sounds, but your girl can grind with any of these playing: Focus Music: Work | Studying | Concentration, Music for Concentration, and my favorite, Harry Potter Ambiance.

Though all 3 of these tips help me concentrate, everyone is different and it’s up to you to find what benefits you. If you have any tips for me, please comment below and let me know. This week I challenge you to do this: go on a 30-minute walk and listen to music, pack your bags and go to your local coffee shop, and finally, plug in those headphones to listen to one of the playlists above and WORRRRKKKKK.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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