I totaled my car, now what?

Written by Ashley Lopez

Hi everyone, welcome back to Ashley Spills. Ashley, here. About 10 days ago I totaled my car. It was a 2019 Honda Civic. She was my baby; her name was Dora. BUT the important thing is that my boyfriend and I are okay. Now I’m looking for a new car in this chip shortage industry that’s affecting the car and tech industry (probably even more). Have you looked up car prices recently? They’re through the roof.

I saw the same model of my car for $27,000—that’s more than I paid for it! Ridiculous. I have two days left with my rental (going to ask for another extension tomorrow) and I still haven’t made a decision on a car. Ugh, I’m so indecisive, BUT I’m also proud of myself for taking my time with this decision since I tend to jump into things without thinking them through. I have some good options, granted they may not all be available by the time I decide on one.

My rental is a Toyota Corolla and I love how she drives. Yes, she’s a she because anything powerful (like an engine) is a she. Try to convince me otherwise. Anyways, not the point. So, I’m looking into Toyotas now. Used of course because buying a new car today just seems uneconomical. I have looked into Honda again, but they are more expensive than Toyota right now. Guys I’m even considering buying a car online. The fact that we are able to buy a car online now is absolutely mind blowing.

As you probably already gathered from this post, I am all over the place. I want to buy a car like yesterday, but that’s clearly not the case. What’s scaring me the most is buying a used car since I had a brand-new car (at the time). I had a bad experience with a used car in the past and now I’m scarred for life.

I am older, wiser, and able to research now so I know what to look for and what not to look for. I know I can make a good decision, but what if it’s still faulty? I wrote this today because I have to stop thinking about the negative what if(s). What if I get a damn good used car that lasts me 10+ years? That’s right. That’s the spirit, Ashley.

This week let’s focus on the “what if(s)” that shed light on only positive outcomes. What if we all kick ass and exceed our own expectations to accomplish the things we think are out of reach?

Thanks for reading, xo.

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  1. Oh, my! Glad you both are ok. Good luck with the car shopping. If you get a used car go with a reputable car dealership not one of those small mom and pop places. Look for a used certified car, they come with a factory warranty. Miss you my friend. – Lydia


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