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Hi there! My name is Ashley—25 years old and lost as hell. I am starting this blog, mostly, because I have so many thoughts—my brain is a literal brainstorm. I’m always scheming up ideas, plans, unrealistic dreams, goals and more. I love love love organizing and daydreaming. I’m constantly all over the place—as you can probably tell by now... I am a creative writer aka creative thinker meaning that my mind tends to jump around. MY BAD. I’m ready for some type of outlet. Lets get it.

Oh, Juliet

A short story by Ashley Lopez Lola and her sister, Winter, were doing their weekly runs—they robbed most of the small markets in their neighborhood. They knew the local markets […]

Imagine this

By Ashley Lopez Hello everyone, welcome back 😊   Do you ever bite your tongue to prevent yourself from saying something? I used to think that was just an old saying, but […]