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Hi there! My name is Ashley—25 years old and lost as hell. I am starting this blog, mostly, because I have so many thoughts—my brain is a literal brainstorm. I’m always scheming up ideas, plans, unrealistic dreams, goals and more. I love love love organizing and daydreaming. I’m constantly all over the place—as you can probably tell by now... I am a creative writer aka creative thinker meaning that my mind tends to jump around. MY BAD. I’m ready for some type of outlet. Lets get it.

For the ladies

By Ashley Lopez Welcome back! This post is for my fellow ladies. Today I wanted to talk about two things that I continuously vouch for. One, waxing for hair removal […]


By Ashley Lopez Self-love comes in many forms for everyone. Regardless how you’re making time to love yourself, it’s important to do it. Whether it’s reading your favorite book or […]


By Ashley Lopez Hi guys, okay so sorry for being MIA. Literally this “writing” relationship I have is so love-hate. Hate in a sense that I hate that I seem […]