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Welcome to Ashley Spills - This blog will be completely and brilliantly random, but honest; consisting of my reflections, thoughts, short stories and beyond!


Written by Ashley Lopez Stranger, you scare me… tell me what you want!Why do you stare and bother like a fly?Do you not have other people to taunt?I don’t know […]


Written by Ashley Lopez ¿Una luca mas, si hermosura?Beggars—carrying no money at all.¡Que rica, mami! No eres burra.Perverts—staring me down, having a ball.¿Que si? ¿Me dejo entender, pata?Confusion—everywhere, que bien […]


Written by Ashley Lopez Writing 52 posts was (is) my goal this year. I think I said ‘was’ because I made that goal long before writing this. There are 52 […]

Negative energy

Written by Ashley Lopez PSA: this post probably won’t make much sense, so I apologize. Just needed to vent, kind of-ish. I’m doing it again. I’m focusing on negative energy. On things that shouldn’t crowd my mind. But also, on things that I just haven’t dealt with and I refuse […]

Another Tuesday…

Hi everyone I didn’t have time to write a thoughtful post this Tuesday… Hmmm, Wednesday – you’re looking mighty fine. Take care, everyone. A lot of love. I’d say thanks for reading, but there isn’t much to read. Thanks anyways, xo.