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Hi there! My name is Ashley—25 years old and lost as hell. I am starting this blog, mostly, because I have so many thoughts—my brain is a literal brainstorm. I’m always scheming up ideas, plans, unrealistic dreams, goals and more. I love love love organizing and daydreaming. I’m constantly all over the place—as you can probably tell by now... I am a creative writer aka creative thinker meaning that my mind tends to jump around. MY BAD. I’m ready for some type of outlet. Lets get it.

Gone Daddy

By Ashley Lopez Mama used to scare her, used to pinch herFor not listening, used to make her bendOver for a spanking. She’d cry and slurHer words: I’m sorry, mama! […]


A short story by Ashley Lopez (a snippet)            “Imagine if your brain was capable of sustaining every memory we’ve ever lost,” the old man with a missing front tooth said. […]