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Hi everyone, welcome to Ashley Spills. Ashley, here. As you probably guessed by now, my name is Ashley (shocker there), I’m 26 years old going on 27, and I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I graduated from San Jose State University in 2017 where I received my bachelor’s degree in English and Comparative Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. I’ve worked in various industries since then, but never in my field. This is my space to write and show “proof” that I am, indeed, a writer.

Like many other people in their 20’s, I felt “lost and confused” for a long time. Sometimes I still do, but when I’m writing for you, I find myself, well, finding myself, slowly, but surely. I don’t feel as astray as I used to. I feel like I have more of a plan. Every day I am understanding, facing, and accepting the awesome woman I am. At times I am shocked with what I find, but that’s the best part of this journey. My goal is to spread all forms of love and awareness of self through self-reflections, challenges, inspiration, and motivation. So, my hope is that while I am facing and unpacking the essentials of me, you can too. Today let’s celebrate what it means to be you, even if you’re still figuring it out.

Random facts I feel the need to share since this is the “about page.” Please see below for more about me (that I know of so far).

Things I love: yoga, writing, walking, listening to music while pretending I am on stage singing and dancing, watching TV, reading, Harry Potter, The Little Mermaid, coffee, cheese, tortillas, Disney, Legoland, traveling, learning about different cultures, Spanish music, hip-hop, R&B, some rap, alternative music, country music, the ocean, dolphins, mermaids in general, self-care routines, YouTube, hiking, romance, being outside

Things I dislike: feeling the need to meet beauty standards, beets, walking slow, crowded places, sexist standards, fitting into the norm of society, running, sitting down for a long time, staying still, waking up early

Well, if you were curious about me, there you go. But, truthfully, I hope to learn more about you!

Thanks for visiting the about page, xo.

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